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Blushing ranunculus

This is by far, my favourite handmade ranunculus and flower.

The cream Cartotecnica Rossi 180g crepe paper gives it its wonderful shape. The flower is made up of up to 90 petals. Each bloom's make up is slightly different as the petals are all pasted by hand so it ends up in a different shape. So I stop at different quantities, depending on how it looks. So the blooms vary from 60-80 usually, and 90 just for one of those I made that didn't seem quite complete till I went up to that large number.

After making sure the ranunculus is satisfactory, I use a brush to brush some blusher onto the inner petals, as well as the edges of the outer ones.

This flower, above all the others I've made, make my heart flutter in tiny places I never knew existed.