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Blooming in progress

These photos make up for last night’s scare. My glue gun caused a power trip and when we weren’t convinced, it did so by showing me a huge spark.Thank God my home and all the crepe paper around the glue gun were unharmed.

About 2 months after I thought of a name for my paper flower brand, PaperBloomsSG, I struggled to keep up with orders from my close friends. They’ve been so supportive and sweet to request paper flowers from me.

I’m still working on my production system – it’s easy to do 1 or 2 and perfect them, but in bulk, the control is more difficult to be consistent.

While that’s an ongoing challenge, the above are yesterday’s fringe flower, a bunch I tied up for a friend (who got 8 sets from me!), and the big bunch that I’ve worked out over the past few weeks.

Immanuel’s guitars looking pretty as props for the bunch and props for our living room.

#drafts #ranunculus #pompom