Creme Blush Ranunculus

Paper Blooms: The Story

Written, and writing still

My crepe paper flower story began when I wanted something more lasting than fresh flowers for my wedding in 2016. 

I was inspired by the big names in crepe paper flowers (Tiffanie Turner, Margie Keats & Lia Griffith) and many more who created such a vibrant crepe paper flower community internationally. Nothing beats being able to create beauty out of simple material.


I am also a huge fan of the Korean bouquet style of clean and simple colours that enhance the look of the blooms they carry, rather than distract with too many details.

Since my first taste of crepe paper flowers, I've been making flowers as gifts and decoration, getting more obsessed with each handmade bloom.


My personal favourites are the ranunculus and Japanese peony. Each curl and grain on every petal mesmerises me and they're the most satisfying ones to craft. 

The flowers are mostly made with 180gsm Italian crepe paper as they have the most natural 'cup' effect. Where required, I powder blush onto the flowers and even paint them to get the desired shade. The beauty of creating my own blooms, is that I get to mimic nature and experiment with colours that I've never seen them in before. 

I've been documenting my crafts on Instagram (@paperbloomssg) since February 2018 and launched this site in May 2018. It's been a fulfilling journey seeing the blooms make their way to special milestones in the journeys of other girls. 

Thank you for partaking in the Paper Blooms story. The blooms are happy to be part of yours too :) 

Anemones in a bouquet